Simple rules to become a better person

At this particular phase of my life, it's like I'm attending a class about the good and the bad in the world,

You think it's easy to judge if someone is a good or a bad person, that it's obvious what's it's like to be good & what's like to be bad ..
But in fact, that's not the case, there is a thin line between the two !
You don't need to save a life to become a person with a big heart, in the other hand, you don't have to do the most evil thing to be put next to bad people ..
It's all about who you are, the way you think, & how you feel about helping others..
They call it naivety, but it's actually an expression used by those who don't like to help others, to cover for their dark hearts !
More than once in my life, people have tried to talk me out of helping someone, because they don't deserve it, they don't mean anything to me, they wouldn't do the same for me ...etc etc.

But in fact, this is what you should do every time you're given an opportunity to help a person in need :

  • Never think about whether the person deserves it or not, helping a person in need has nothing to do with who the person is, it has to do with who you are, your principals, your values, & how you were raised !
  • Never start measuring the benefits of it, what you'll get for return, generosity is about giving without expecting nothing in return, it's a unique personalty trait that's not given to everybody, if you have it, use it, you'll be amazed how good it'll make you feel.
  • Put yourself in the place of the person in need, how would you feel if someone totally unexpected helps you in a difficult time ??
As for being a good person , this is how I think, that's my advise , & these are the rules I suggest for everyone to start with to become a better person:
  1. Don't be good with the people you love and bad with those you hate or you think they don't deserve it, they say "A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person." the way you treat people shows who you really are.
  2. When someone does a bad thing to you, don't start thinking in all the wrong ways, if you really love someone you're supposed to trust them, so start by finding them excuses instead of thinking negatively about them.
  3. Don't jump to conclusions: nobody's perfect and certainly nobody has a perfect logical thinking, sometimes people do or say things that you may not fully understand, and you could interpret them in the wrong way, don't do that !! you can be wrong, you can lose someone you love because you created something in your mind that doesn't really exists ! when you don't understand something, just ask !
  4. When you're positive that someone did something to you for the wrong reasons, don't start hating on them, talking behind their back and hurting them back, by doing that, you're making sure that you're as bad as them, and probably worse !
  5. Don't be so negative, I know people who see the world as a dark place where everyone is evil and everyone has bad intentions for them, it's okay be aware that the world is a dangerous place , but try shill out ! don't be so unfair toward people, to be a good person you shouldn't just do good things you should also think in a good way ! 
  6. Don't talk behind people's back, if you have a problem with someone, face them about it , if you hate someone, don't waste your time thinking about them, you wouldn't like for people to talk about you behind your back, so don't do it.
I'm not perfect, none of us is, but at least we should all make an effort to become better, to be positive, think positively and do some good stuff in the world, karma exists after all, you can never know how GOD is willing to reward you for you good acts :).


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