Far away

You're so far away
I don't know where you are exactly, I don't know how you are doing
But you're always in my mind..
You cross my mind almost every single day ..

I just miss you so much
each day, every day, I remember ; I remember everything ..

You were , & maybe you still are , the person who felt me & understood me the most ;
You are my soul-mate , honestly !

GOD knows how much you mean to me ..

My dear; I wish I can talk to you, I wish I can tell you everything, I wish I can have you back in my life ..

You're so far, But yet you're so close, maybe closer than anyone , closer than ever ..

It's enough to know that you're there ; somewhere ! to know that you're okay, that you're living ..
Because I know , deep down , that as long as you're still that way, you'll always be with me ..
& it's the one thing that keeps me from feeling the fear of loosing you ..

We used to tell each other , that we're always together even when we can't see each other .. & that only death can separate us ..

Maybe we're apart, & it's been a long time , but I believe what we told each other is true, & it's happening ..

I feel that you are here , maybe I'm fooling myself , maybe you don't think about me at all, but that's how I feel ..

My dear, what can I say, It's life ..


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