Stuck !

Where are these thoughts coming from??
Won’t this mess stop??
& my world, why it can’t be quite for a while??

I feel like I’m hunted, by these bad thoughts,
Until when am I going to keep running??
Cause I’m so tired already,
& everything around me shows me that I haven’t even arrived half way !
I have so much to do in little time with even less energy,

I wish I could tell my life to wait,
I wish it could only stop for few time,
I need a break, I need to breathe & get myself together
This is way too much for me,
I’m stuck & there’s no way out,
I’m running but there is no place to hide,

For now, there is nothing I can do except waiting,
Waiting to be okay..

Only him can help me,
My dear GOD .


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