Nothing !


I feel like it's all for Nothing !

this life,
this existance,
the relashionships, friends,
family , 
even ourselves !

I've Never had what I want,
I've Never done a single thing for my own good,
just for me !

all the things I've wanted , & the things I wished for,
were always so far away,
& almost impossible to reach..

why does life have to Be like that ?
I'm Not trying to complain,
or to forget about all the Blesses God has given me ,

But the way I feel,
& the way I see things,
makes my think that way ..

I strongly Believe that everything happens for a reason,
even the fact that we exist is for a reason,

& I wonder , why I'm here ?
why I'm in this world ?

the only people who really understood me ,
are either out of my life,
so far away ,
or still close But can't feel me anymore ..

I'm tired of feeling that the things I feel or think about have No value ..
I'm tired of Being missunderstood or unnoticed all the time ..

& that's what makes me feel that everything is for Nothing,
as long as my life feels empty ,
& as long as I can't find the will to do anything ..

I wish I'll find the reason why I'm here,
very soon,
Because the "emptiness inside of me is getting Bigger & Bigger ...


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