Don't belong ..


I'm looking for somewhere to belong ,
this place , this world, this life & those people ,
are making me feel like a fish out of the watter ,

I wonder what it would feel like,
to feel that ur exactly where u should be ; doing exactly what u should be doing ..
I think it would be amzing !

but here , where  I am right now , & what I'm doing ,
it's not right ..

they say life is very short ,
& that we should live it to the foolest ,
I'm still young but, people die young all the time ..

I'm not living, I'm not living my life at all;
time's running, & I spend every day like the other day,
there's nothing special about my life,
nothing interesting,
nothing that is worth living for !

& I'm really sick of that ,
I've said it more than once,
& still saying it ,

I hate my life ..


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