Dear (...)

Dear (...)
when is this going to end ??
& will it end ?

I've Been trough a lot Because of you ,
& each time I think it's over,
somethings comes up to remind me that it's Not !!

I'm trying to convince myself that it's Not love,
& it's Never Been !

But everything I felt (& I still feel) shows me that I'm wrong!
But it can't Be love..
Not true love at least ...

GOD why does my life have to Be like that ,,
I suffered a lot Because of those stupid feelings,
& when I stopped seing u ,
I though I'd stop feeling that way,

& Now,
only god knows how disapointed I am,
for still having feelings for u ..

please go away,
I Need u completly out of my life ..
I don't want to Need u any more,
cause I know , I'll Never ever have u ....!


I wish u the Best , I really do..
But I don't think u & I should stay in touch ,
cause it's just soo hard for me,
& everytime I see u or hear from u ,
It's like making a step Back ..

when am I going to forget u ??


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