U know what's the Best thing in the world ,

is sleeping !!


it's true ,
for me , Nothing feels Better than the feeling u get while ur falling asleep,

& that's one of the reasons why I prefer dark than light ,
& why I like Night Better than day !!

cause at Night , & right Before u go to sleep ,
ur alone for the first time in the day ,
& u finally get the chance to think ,
about today , yesterday , & tomorrow ...

& when it comes to me ,
sleeping , feels like running away !
from at lot of things ,
when u go to sleep , it's like pressing the "pause" Boutton !
& u take a Break from a lot of things ..

for the most of my life , I used to wait the whole day for that time when I'm gonna go to sleep ,
cause I wanted to be alone ,
so that I can cry ...
I used to cry myself to sleep for Quite a long time ...
& Believe me , as much as sleeping is the Best thing,
crying alone at Night while everyone is asleep ; is the worst thing ..!

I remember weaking up few times ,
& finding out that the pillow is still wet !
& sometimes I weak up feeling nauseous , Because I cried too much Before sleeping ..

but I still love the time Before sleeping though ..
cause at least then No one can see me crying ..

the truth is ,
at Night , when I'm "trying" to fall asleep ,
By thinking or imagining lots of things ,
it's the only time when I'm Being my self !!
weard huh ??!
well , that's what it is right Now ....


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