I Believe that Every one has a secret ,,
it could be something too personal,,
something about u that ur not so proud of ,,
something wrong u did & u don't want any one to know about , cause it may change the way people think of u ,,
Or it could be something or an information that it's not only about u to share ..

But No matter what kind of secret we have ,
we all have a side of our lives that no one knows about .

some people say that secrets are made to be found out at the end ,
I kept lots of secrets from a lot of people ,
& I've always worried that they would find out about theme someday ,
But I reminded myself every time I hade that feeling , that as long as I keep those secrets to my self ,
there's no way those people are going to find out .

I wonder what it would be like if I had no secrets ,
I think it would make me confortable ,
because there are some secrets that are very hard to keep ,
some secrets that make u feel guilty ,
& everytime the person related to that secret look at u ,
u feel like he's gonna find out,
& the only way to get ride of that feeling ,
is to not think about that secret all the time ,
because we as human Beings , tend to talk & express our feelings ,
& smetimes u think that it would feel better if u share a secret with someone u trust,
So it's better if u pretend that u have nothing to hide ,
it's better than telling !

I have lots of secrets ,
there's those who I keep from my parents but most of my friends know about ,
there's those who only few of my friends know about, 
& ,, there's those secrets that I keep for my self ,
& they're all thing I've done , or thing's I felt ,
But I'm not so proud of them ,
& I really think they would shock a lot of people ,
& they may even change the way they think about me , & the way they feel about me ..!

they may be hard to hold , but that's much easier than having them exposed !
I honestly think that if some of my secrets were found out ,
it would ruin my life !!

so , I'll make sure they'll stay hidden ,
for the rest of my life ..

Remember : the most stupid thing u can ever do ,
is sharing a secret with more than 2 people (who know each other)!
or with someone who's not that close to u ,
But u just felt like u wanted to share something with ..
So if u felt that u can't hold a secret no more ,
share it with someone who doesn't know u !!
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