My passion

U know what's the Biggest dream I've EVER had ??!

is to learn how to play violin & piano !

that's the thing I want the most in my life ,

I just love classic music ,
& the feeling I get while I'm listening to the piano or the violin ,
is like No other feeling ...!

music represents one of the most important things in my life ,
I feel like it runs in my Blood !
it's a part of my sool , 
& something I don't think I can live without ...

what Breaks my heart the most , 
is that I'm so far away from what I want the most ,
what I want is to go to a music institution !,
& I can't do it right Now cause I'm Busy studying :/

But No matter what ,
one day I'm gonna make that dream come true ,
even if it's the last thing I'll do in my life !!

one day , I'm gonna play violin ,
the instrument that impressed me since I was a child ,


I keep Imagining what it woul feel like to hold it in my hands ,
& play music , music that I'm only used to listen to,
But Being able to play it , would mean everything to me ..!


& One day,
I'm gonna put my fingers on a piano,
as a professionel !
& I'm gonna enjoy ; making music !


& I really Believe that , when I'm gonna do that,
I will find the missing piece of my sool ...!
Because that's my dream , that's my passion ,

happiness is all about fullfiling ur dreams ,
& to feel complete , u Need to follow ur passions ...!

One day , I'm gonna play something like what's above ,
enjoy !


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