a Long road


I'm still at the Begining,
I haven't even started ,

& the road is very long, dark and foggy,
and I have No Idea what's waiting for me on the other side ,

I started 2days a go,
& it didn't seems easy,

I sit there , & wondered,
can I do it ??

isn't that too hard for me ?

it's really a hard feeling,

Because if I fail, there's No way Back,
it will Be the end of my life !!

But then I think,
there's No difference Between me and others,
& I have all what it takes to make it ,
Besides , GOD is always By my side,

& I know that he wouldn't let any thing Bad happen to me ..

so yes ,
I can do it !
No matter how hard it can Be,
& how much diffuculties I'll face,


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