Insecure ..


u know , my life has always Been harder than most of people I know ,
Because there was sometimes missing all the time ,
& what was missing,
is my self confidence ..

the Truth is ,
I have Never felt good enough in my life !
I've always had a lack of selfesteem ,
& even Now ,
I can't say that I love myself 100% ,,

everything in my life is so hard,
Because I always feel less than everyone,
which makes me want to hideall the time ..


for most of my life,
I hated myself & I hated my life ,
I've always had that voice inside of me ,
that keeps telling that I'm Not pretty enough,
I'm a little too fat,
I don't have a strong personality ,
etc etc ..!

I've met in my life some amazing people,
& none of theme has ever tried to make me feel less than amazing,
But I know that there's something wrong with me ,
especially when I see someone very very confident ,
it really makes me feel sorry about myself,

Because deep down I know I have a lot to share with the world,
But my insecurity keeps me from doing that ..

& I'm so sick of feeling that way,
I don't want to depend on others all time any more ,
I don't want to feel jealous of others any more , that's Not who I am !!

I want to Be myself,
I want to be able to speak out loud without Being afraid of Being judged !
I want to show the true "me" to people ,
I want to make New friends ,
I want to feel important & popular ,
& I want , to feel confident , to feel pretty !

how can I do that ?
I have to change completely ,
But it's hard & I don't know the right way to do it ,
so I guess I Need help !

But again , I'm too insecure to ask for it .....!


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