I Miss u


it's unbelievable how much I miss you ,,
since the last time we spoke ,
I still think of you every single day ,

I wish I can talk to you ,
I wish I can tell u how much I miss u ,
& how much u mean to me ,

I wonder how are you doing,
it just has been a long time ,
sometimes I sit there & wonder if I ever cross your mind ,
do u miss me , do u still love me ,
are u still ready to be there for me..

it break my heart that we're so far from each other now ,,
cause what we had , was so special ,
I still remember how everyone hated us because we were such a prefect couple ,
I still think about the long hours we used to spend talking ,
& how much u made me laugh ,
I'll Never forget the time when we were together ,
we were so happy,

GOD I miss u more than any thing in the world ,

if only I can tell u how sorry I am ,
I know I Broke ur heart ,
& ur right if u don't want to see me or talk to me again ,

I hope we'll talk again ,
cause now ,
I realise how stupid I was to let u go ,,
& I'll do anything so that u'll be mine again ..

deep down , I wish u still love me ...!


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