I think that the worst feelling ever is FEAR ,,
& there's no doubt that we all have something we're always afraid of ,,

one of the things that really scares me are "reptiles" !!

& especially snakes :x ;



GOD , it's really hard for me just to look at those photos ,
& I think if I saw something like those things directly,
I may have a heart attack !! seriously !

one of my worst fears as child was the fear of the dark !

& it only got worse after I started watching horror movies ,
I still remember that I couldn't go alone to the Bathroom after watching the grudge ,,

that movies really scared the heck out of me !!

& now , I'm not a child any more , but watching horror movies in a very early age ,
is still affecting me ,,

I still get scared in dark ,
& I still light my room at Night averytime I hear something !!
another one of my biggest fears is my fear of heights ,,

When I'm in a high place , I feel like my heart's going to stop Beating !!

those are few of my Biggest fears
Beside my fear of loosing my loveones ,
the fear I get when I'm out alone ,
the fear of being rejected ,
the fear of Being left Behind ,
.... etc , etc .

u see , every one has his own fears , 
But like OPRAH once said ;
Whatever you fear most has no power - it is your fear that has the power !!

which is True !

I also found this , & I really liked it cause it's soo true ;

So I guess , there's Nothing wrong about having a certain fear
But what's wrong is giving up to your fears ,
& letting them controle your life ..


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