u know , I'm really glad I made this Blog ,
I just have this good feeling after I finish writing ,

there are many reasons why I chose to start writing ,,
the most important thing is that It makes me feel good .

till Now , I haven't told anyone about this Blog ,
I just don't feel ready to publish it yet ,
maybe because I know that lots of people may judge me after reading what's on it ,
& that's why I prefer writing than talking,
Because sometimes no matter how much u talked,, 
people just won't understand u..

on this Blog,
there are things that I've Never told any body,
so for now , I don't think I'm gonna show it someone ,
it's not that I trust no one ,
I'm just ... not ready !

Besides , I didn't made this Blog so that people can read ,
I made it Because I know ,
that It would mean a lot to me to read it on the future ,
I'd like the "future me" to know everything about the "present me" !!
one more thing ,
is that writing here ,
doesn't only help the readers to get to know me ,
but it helps me to get to know myself !!

& when I'll decide to show that Blog to someone ,
it'll Be someone special ,
of course , I'm talking about the people who know me ..

But for those who'll Be just visiters,
well, It's ok if they saw it ,
cause No matter what they think about it ,
they don't know me !
Besides , I'm sure there will Be people who'll find out exactly what's this Blog is all about ..


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