end :(

u know , all good things come to an end ,,
there's only 3 days left for "RAMADAN" to end ,
& I feel sad already ,
I just love it soo much ,

it's more than a month for me , it's the only time of the year when I feel ... Safe !
I always feel Bad on its last days ,,
as I do right Now ,

it's almost over , & summer is almost over too ,
& I really HATE this time of the year ,

this time it's different , after the end of the vacation , I'll Be starting a New life !

& I'm really scared , & disappointed ,
cause we all spend our live studying , hoping that one day ,
all the hard work we've done will pay off ,
& it will make us do something Big , fulfill our dreams maybe ..

I had a really tough year , it was my senior year in high school , 
there was a lot of things I had to deal with ,
& , I had the wrong feelings for the wrong person !
which made everything a LOT harder ..

I don't know how to Name those feelings , 
love , cruch ??
I don't know ...
all I know is that those feelings made me suffer for a whole year ,

& I'm Not gonna say No more about it ..
I already have a Note Book where I kept all those feelings ,
& I'm really tired of it ,I Need him out of my life , Just like I'm out of his ...!

Now , I remember all of those things ,,
it's all a memory Now ,

I'm gonna go trough New things ,

& only GOD Knows what's waiting for me ,

today is the 27th RAMADAN ,
& it can Be (ليلة القدر) ,
so I'm gonna pray to god ,

cause there's so much pain in my heart ,
& only god knows what I Need ,
only him can "fix" me ,
& he's the only one who's there By my side ,
& will always Be ..

اللهمَّ إني أسألك يا فارج الهم، ويا كاشف الغم، يا مجيب دعوة المضطرين، يا رحمن الدنيا، يا رحيم الآخرة،
        أرحمني برحمتك.اللهمَّ لكَ أسلمتُ، وبكَ آمنتُ، وعليكَ توكلتُ، وبكَ خاصمتُ وإليكَ حاكمتُ، فاغفر لي
        ما قدمتُ وما أخرتُ، وما أسررتُ وما أعلنتُ، وأنتَ المقدم وأنتَ المؤخر. لا إله إلا أنت الأول والأخر
        والظاهر والباطن، عليكَ توكلتُ، وأنتَ رب العرش العظيم
        آمين يا أرحم الراحمين



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