Every one knows that I'm a "smiley" person ! & they like me for that , But No Body knows what's Behind that Smile !

They Don't know that I keep smiling Because I have to , Because it's the only way to hide what I actually feel.
I've even Became good at it , I can smile & keep laughing so hard that it sounds real !

& I'll keep doing it , Because I can't show my emotions & then wait for someone to help ! it's pathetic ...
only the people who really care about me can notice that what I'm trying to show , is fake !

So I'll keep smiling , & I advice u to do the same , cause it's something always good , when people see u smiling they won't ask !
when ur enemies c u smiling they'll envy u !

But don't Be fooled By others smiles , Because they can mean a lot of things , some people would smile in ur face to hide how much they hate u , & some would smile Because they don't want u to worry , & others would do it Because it's easier than showing how much pain they're suffering from !

& like I've read once ; It's never the tears that measure the pain,sometimes it's the smile we fake !


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