One Day I'll Fly Away , & Leave All This to Yesterday ...!

For My whole life , my dream was to Fly !
Not Because I want to sense that feeling when u're up on the sky , No !But Because it's the only way to escape !! the only way to go far far away , without worrying about getting lost , or ending up all alone ,, & in my case , it's the only way to feel FREE ..

I was Borne in a place where people live the same way their parents & grandparents use to Do !! In a place where No one wants to admit that Time changes people ! & there's a HUGE difference Between generations ...

Living here , made me suffer for too long , I've Never Been able to Be proud & grathfull to Be a part of a such society !!

I've Never felt that I BELONG here , & it's really hard .

I'll Never forget the day when I watched "Moulin Rouge" ,, where two lovers couldn't Be together Because of their society , & I'll Never forget the feeling I had when I heard this song :

" One Day I'll Fly Away , & Leave All This to Yesterday " ,, those words made me open my eyes , when I heard them , I realised what I really want : Leaving this place !!

& one day I will do that , I don't know when , or how ,, But I'll do it !

Because I can't spend my life in place that doesn't understand what FREEDOM means !!

I can't spend my life with people who can't understand me ,, people who'll always judge me No matter what I do ..


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