New Blog

Here's another Blog I create !

Another try too let some things out, things that can not Be told easily ,
I'v Been living in silence for too long , & I have to do something about it,
talking to someone It's not the greatest Idea , Not that I have No friends  , cause i do , some great ones !
But that doesn't mean they would understand

I'v tried Before , & No matter how long they stand By ur side, thery'll leave eventually, Not Because they don't care or Because they're Bad people , But it is how it is , & each one has its own life, with all the difficulties , So sooner or later , they'll leave , to deal with them !

Here, I'm gonna try to write about everything , thing's that I couldn't talk about & things that Brought me here , I hope that at least u'll learn from theme , Just like I'm trying to do !


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