Broken heart

there's so much things inside my heart ...
things I've Been keeping there for so long ..

they're so many that I don't even know how to start ..

I have a lot to talk about , But it's just hard for me to open up ..

I look at my online friends list on facebook , But there's No one to talk to ..
what are those people for any way ??

somethimes I wonder what it would Be like if I talked to someone ..
he'd ask me what's up , what's going on , what's upseting me ..
& .. I don't know how to answer those Questions !!
I really don't ..

why it have to Be that way ??
why I can't understand my self ?!

it feels like there's a hole in my chest ..
like my heart is Bleeding very Quitely ..
& I'm just sitting here ,with this pain,,

there has been times when I wished I had no heart ..
cause it just hurts so Bad ..

& what hurts even more ,, is having to face that all alone ..
cause it doesn't matter how much people understand ..
they can't  make me feel Better , they can't fix my heart ..

I only have GOD , he's the only one who can feel that,, & the only one who can fix it ..


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